In the past, when summer arrived in Sichuan, I always had to add ice powder for barbecue and ice, but only recently I found out that it was sold on Yami. By the way, I tried the ice powder with sour plum soup or mango. It's a pity that it takes too long to make Bo Bo chicken, otherwise Bo Bo chicken and ice powder are a perfect match. Unlimited repurchased snail noodles, add some green vegetables, ham sausage, and bean skin, and drink it with sour plum soup, which is not too convenient for people who don't have time to cook.
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以前在四川一到夏天就少不了串串烧烤加冰粉,最近才发现亚米上有卖呀,😘😘,看着人家分享的菜谱一般就加点红糖,山楂,花生,葡萄干,西瓜啥的,还顺便尝试了下加酸梅汤或者芒果的冰冰粉。只可惜做钵钵鸡需要时间太久,不然钵钵鸡配冰粉简直良配呀。 无限回购的螺蛳粉,加点青菜,火腿肠,还有豆皮,在配点酸梅汤喝,对于没时间做饭的人简直不要太方便。