Yami 특선
【viseart Tryst platte】 ✨As an eye shadow controller. How can there be less eye shadow in the drawer. 💕viseart's eyeshadow palettes are of unquestionable quality. A professional line of makeup brands. From the first 12 colors to 6 colors to the current new palette of 9 colors. I have at least 10 sets of their eyeshadow palettes at home. Really great. 💕 The packaging of this plate is pink and tender. The color and packaging attract me. Fried chicken spring. There are two matte and seven pearly colors in this plate. The colors are very everyday. The powder quality is as good as ever. I think This plate of powder will be more solid. But it does not affect its powder extraction. It does not fly powder and is good for coloring. The durability is even more impressive! 💕viseart's eyeshadow palette is really the conscience of the industry.. Crazy call for his family!
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Yami 특선 【viseart Tryst platte】 ✨做为一个眼影控.抽屉里怎么能少的了viseart家的眼影. 💕viseart的眼影盘品质毋庸置疑.专业线的彩妆品牌.从它家最开始的12色到6色再到现在的新盘9色.我家里至少有10几盘它家的眼影盘了.真心赞. 💕这盘包装粉粉嫩嫩.颜色和包装给吸引了我.炒鸡春天.这盘里有两个哑光和七个珠光色.颜色都非常的日常.粉质也一如既往的好.我觉得这盘粉压的会比较实.但是并不影响它的取粉度..不飞粉好上色.持久度更是没话说! 💕viseart的眼影盘真的算得上是业界良心..为他家疯狂打call!