Yami 특선
【tom ford 2016 Christmas limited edition】 💕TF It released two big white plates in 2016. 01 cool and 02 warm. As a fan of its brain, even though I have a warm skin. I still have both the cold and warm plates. In fact, the cold plate is really special beautiful 💕 ✨Picture 1.2 is a cold cut. As soon as the whole box is opened, it is the purple-pink shade specially designed for cold skin. The four-color eye shadow part has two sequined colors, pink and purple and two pearlescent colors. The eye shadow in this plate has less base and excessive color. It is not very easy for novices to control. The blush inside is also cool-toned purple-pink. I used it for white skin It will be a very white color. The highlights are also pink. It will be super beautiful when combined with blush. The whole plate will give people a sense of high coldness. ✨The packaging and powder quality are still nothing to say. As always. Like 👍. The only thing to complain about is its dust bag. It's really a bit out of grade (⊙o⊙) Wow! ! The fabric is thin and unfeeling.😒😒😒😒 【tomford Christmas limited warm plate】 ✨After drying the cold dishes, of course we have to continue talking about the warm dishes🤩Picture 3.4. ✨As soon as this plate is opened, it is the feeling of spring flowers blooming on the face. It's super gentle. It's true that so many people like it. The eye shadow color matching is very good, there are big base and excessive color, and there is a sequin color. The eye shadow in this plate It is very versatile and everyday. It is also easier to control. The blush is the orange pink that warm skin really loves! I like it very much 💕. It is more practical than the cold blush. The highlight is a lighter champagne color. Also very practical. ✨It's very beautiful, but the price is not cute. If you choose one of the two, I will choose a warm plate.
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Yami 특선 【tom ford 2016圣诞限量 】 💕TF它家在2016年出了两盘大白盘.01 cool和02 warm.做为它家脑残粉的我,尽管我是暖皮.我还是冷暖两盘都入了.其实冷盘真的也特别美💕 ✨图1.2是冷盘.整个盒子一打开,妥妥的就是冷皮专用的紫粉色调. 四色眼影部分有两个亮片色,粉色和紫色以及两个珠光.这盘的眼影少了打底过度色.新手不是非常好驾驭.里面的腮红也是冷调紫粉色的.白皮用了会很显白的颜色.高光也是粉色的.和腮红叠加用会超级美.整个盘子就给人一种高冷即视感.驾驭的好,会感觉特别美特别仙. ✨包装和粉质还是没话说。一如既往.点赞👍。唯一要吐槽就是它家防尘袋.真的有点掉档次(⊙o⊙)哇!!布料又薄又没手感的.😒😒😒😒 【tomford 圣诞限量warm盘】 ✨晒完了冷盘,当然要继续来说说暖盘啦🤩图3.4. ✨这盘一打开,就是迎面铺来的春暖花开的感觉.超级温柔.真不愧这么多人喜欢它.眼影配色很棒,有大打底有过度色,有一个亮片色.这盘的眼影就很百搭也很日常.也比较好驾驭.腮红就是暖皮真爱的橘粉色!很喜欢💕.比冷盘的腮红色更实用.高光是比较淡色的香槟色。也很实用. ✨它家是很美,可是价格也不可爱.二选一我会选暖盘.