Yami 특선
【viseart eye shadow】 ✨Compared with other brands, the eyeshadow palette of the viseart family is definitely a low-key one. But the quality is properly placed there. To say that the top3 eye shadow brand in my mind, viseart definitely has a place. ✨It is a professional makeup brand. It is a brand that many professional makeup artists will use. I have bought several of their 12-color eyeshadow palettes. Whether the powder is matte or pearly, I don’t have to choose. Good eyeshadows should have It has all the advantages. As for the disadvantages, I think it may be that the packaging is relatively ordinary. But I also like the home packaging very much. The 12-plate acrylic packaging is quite textured. ✨The plate I want to talk about today is a six-color plate. Compared with 12 colors, it is much smaller. The packaging is also a little different, and the seal is a magnet. What's more special is that each plate can be pulled out and exchanged freely. It can also be pulled out and put in the z palette. It is a must-have plate for me to travel! Love the reddish brown!
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Yami 특선 【viseart眼影】 ✨和其他牌子相比较之下.viseart家的眼影盘绝对算得上低调中的低调了.可是品质妥妥的摆在那.要说我心目中的top3眼影牌子.viseart绝对有一席之地. ✨它是一个专业彩妆品牌.是很多专业彩妆师都会御用到的牌子.它们家12色眼影盘我好几盘都入了.粉质无论是哑光还是珠光都没得挑.好眼影该有的优点它全都有.要说缺点我觉得可能就是包装上比较普通.不过我个人也很喜欢家包装.12盘的亚克力包装还是挺有质感的. ✨今天要说的这盘是六色盘。相对12色就小巧了非常多.包装也有些不一样,封口是吸磁铁的。更特别的是每一个盘子都可以扣出来自由调换.也可以抠出来放在z palette里头.它是我出门旅游的必带盘!红棕色系超级爱!