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Bicake's September Empty Bottle (Part 1)

Every time I summarize the empty bottles at the end of the month, I will sigh that time flies so fast.  

There are a lot of new products to try recently, and I try them every week. So there are relatively few empty bottles that can appear on skin care products. < /p>

Unlike cosmetics, there are fewer opportunities for iron sheets. Skin care products are used more in the morning and evening, and the chances of empty bottles are high. < span class="s2">Looking back at the monthly empty bottle summary, most of the products with high frequency are also really suitable for you. 

Dr. Shirono 🍊 Pore Conditioning Water < /p>

Common Index 🌟🌟🌟🌟 

After cleaning the pores every week, I will use Dr. Shirono to focus on the areas with obvious pores near the nose.. 

Although the effect of shrinking pores is very weak, the coolness of mint and the fresh smell of orange make the whole wet compress process relaxed and enjoyable.  

In addition, Dr. Shirono with Yamanbeauty instrument is also in my eveningYaman span>routineon. use The secondary cleaning of the skin in the export function can be seen with the naked eye on the cotton pad. Especially behind the ears , On both sides of the neck, where makeup removers are easy to ignore, the effect is super obvious. < /p>

Takami 🍊 muscle Bottom metabolism serum

Common Index 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 

Squeeze a dropper religiously first thing every night after washing your facetakamiSmear on it carefully. In view of its strong ability to maintain skin stability, it is impossible to take two bottles per month, so I dare not Broken file. 

I also mentioned my liking for it in the stockpiling and elimination plan before, so I will not be verbose here. To sum up the three benefits of it that won my heart,

Remove swelling and close mouth

Helps acne metabolism and accelerates the maturation process

Prevent new breakouts from recurring 

Albion 🍊 muscle Bottom Repair Serum

Common Index 🌟🌟🌟

If Takamiis a new love that cannot be without now, then The essence of Albionis the old love that used to be with you every night. The former is to condition the existing keratin, while the latter is to repair damaged skin.

A low common index does not mean that this old love has been abandoned. just Skin conditions vary from period to period, and needs vary.. Severely sensitive skin that used to be rehabilitated by this awesome serum Now, it's time to try the new essence.

Speaking of this, I suddenly feel like a scumbag who crosses the river and draws boards🤨 

IPSA 🍊 Blue Fatty sunscreen lotion

Common Index 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

A daily face sunscreen.

Fast film formation, non-greasy, and no mud rubbing on makeup. Satisfied I have a basic need for sunscreen for an oily skin..

Shake design, close the lid and shake before use. Yes There is a little alcohol smell, but it evaporates quickly, and there is basically no discomfort.  span>

Slight whitening, no concealer, but when the skin is in good condition, you can go out directly after applying sunscreen. 

We chatted and unknowingly it was time to take a shower and apply a mask~

And the bottom half9Empty Moon Bottle, see you tomorrow La( ´` )

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Yami 특선



最近有了很多新尝试的产品,每周都在轮番试用. 所以护肤品上能出现的空瓶就相对少了. 

不同于化妆品铁皮机会比较少,护肤品这样每日早晚使用多,空瓶机会大. 回看每月的空瓶总结,出镜频率高的产品,多数也是真心适合自己的. 

城野医生 🍊 毛孔收敛水 

常用指数 🌟🌟🌟🌟 



另外,城野医生搭配Yaman美容仪也是在我的晚间routine. 用在导出功能上对皮肤的二次清洁,能肉眼在化妆棉上就看到效果. 特别是耳后、脖子两侧这卸妆容易忽略的地方,效果超级明显. 

Takami 🍊 肌底代谢精华液

常用指数 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 

每晚洗完脸,第一件事总是虔诚地挤一滴管takami认真涂上. 鉴于它很强大的维持皮肤稳定能力,雷打不动每月两瓶,完全不敢断档. 

之前在囤货消灭计划里也提到过对它的喜欢了,所以在这里就不啰嗦. 总结它深得我心的三点好处,




Albion 🍊 肌底修复精华

常用指数 🌟🌟🌟

如果说Takami是现在不能没有的新欢,那Albion的精华就是曾经夜夜相伴的旧爱. 前者是调理现有角质状况,后者主打修复已损伤的皮肤.

常用指数低,并不代表这个旧爱已经被抛弃. 只是每段时期皮肤状况不同,需求也不同. 以前严重敏感的皮肤被这款超棒棒精华修复得差不多了,可以试试新的精华了.


IPSA 🍊 蓝胖子防晒乳液

常用指数 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


成膜快,不油腻,后续上妆不搓泥. 满足我一个油皮对防晒的基本需求了.

摇摇乐设计,使用前先盖上盖子甩一通. 会有一点点酒精的味道,不过挥发也算快,基本不会有太多不适感. 



还有下半部的9月空瓶记,咱们明天见啦( ´` )