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The Empty Bottle in October (Part 1)

Hello everyone, I'm Panzi~

Double Eleven in North America just passed, I believe everyone is rushing to kill and place a lot of orders.

Just relax, sit down for a cup of tea, and watch the pancakes10The Moon Empty Aquarius~

🌟🌟 Hiami Pain Relief 🌟🌟

Student Party office workers work in front of the computer all day long, and they will inevitably have backache and backache after sitting at the desk for a long time..

Indulge in games, nervous + Keeping the same position for a long time, the muscles are stiff and aggravated sore muscles.

Serving the old🙇🏻‍♀️

Fortunately I still have a secret weapon 🌟 Hisamitsu Hiamitsu Pain Relief Patch 🌟

Ordinary muscle pain patches resolved overnight.

No unpleasant ointment smell, tear off without leaving ugly tape marks.

No one knows I'm a sick old lady~

🌟🌟 Drunk Elephant Drunk Elephant Whipped Cream 🌟🌟

10A new favorite item of the month, Drunk Elephant's popular productwhipped cream.

🌟I take the trouble to reiterate that as an extremely non-absorbing lotion cream for severely sensitive skin+ Acne, every time I try a new product, I try it with a bad face... p>

Because I haven't found a lotion cream that is very suitable for my skin so far, so I am uneasy on the way to find it.

🐘 Drunk Elephant This cream was originally given to me by someone else , it is a luxurious medium sample. I used it once or twice and felt a little heavy, and I was idle for fear of acne.. 

Until last month, there were days when the Bay Area suddenly cooled and the skin received itself first. The daily lotion is not moisturizing enough, and it is a little peeling. At that time, several light creams on hand were all too thin to use. It was a little tingling, and I was helpless and picked up this bottle of cream.

🐘 I didn't expect this cream, which I thought was a bit thick, and it didn't work on my face. The tingling is not itchy, and it is slowly absorbed after application, and the skin feels good~

There should be no spice added, just a little creamy oily smell. Doesn't smell good but use it with confidence.

🌟🌟 Fresh Rose Mask 🌟🌟

🌹This should be my first34A sample rose mask.< /span>

I rememberSephoraalways giving away, never paying for it

span> 😂

Ok hydrating and calming, not great, but not bad.

🌹 My favorite is the scent of roses . More sour than other rose fragrances. 

English afternoon tea with rose honey and dried roses in scented tea will feel the same way.  It does not associate with women or tenderness or eagerness, but rather the tenderness of a young girl.

This October empty bottle has a long margin and is all my own experience.

So it will be done in several pieces~

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Yami 특선





🌟🌟 久光 镇痛贴 🌟🌟


沉迷游戏,紧张 + 长期保持同一姿势,肌肉僵硬,又加重了肌肉酸痛.


幸好我还有秘密武器 🌟 Hisamitsu 久光镇痛贴 🌟




🌟🌟 Drunk Elephant 醉象 Whipped Cream 🌟🌟

10月的新爱用品,醉象家当红产品whipped cream.



🐘 Drunk Elephant 家的这款面霜最开始是别人给我的,算是一个豪华中样. 当时用了一两次觉得有点厚重,怕闷痘就闲置了. 

直到上个月,有几天湾区突然降温,皮肤先收到自己. 日常用的乳液滋润不够,有点起皮. 当时手上几款轻薄的面霜用起来都有点刺痛感,束手无策的我就重拾起了这瓶面霜.

🐘 没想到这款我以为有点厚重的面霜,上脸不刺痛不痕痒,涂抹开后慢慢吸收,皮肤感觉还不错~

应该是没有什么香料的添加,只有一点点乳霜的油脂味. 不算好闻但用着放心.

🌟🌟 Fresh 玫瑰面膜 🌟🌟




🌹 最喜欢的还是那香香的玫瑰味. 比其他产品的玫瑰调香多了一份酸涩感. 

英式下午茶中玫瑰蜂蜜和花茶里的干燥玫瑰也会有类似感受.  不会联想到女性或柔情或热切的情感,反而有点青涩少女的幼嫩感.