Now I'll say it: I've had a strawberry 🍓 drink, and this is the second time I've bought it, because it's delicious! 🤗 And the crispy mushrooms are also delicious 👍🏻 The one in the can, it feels a bit like boiled water, but the taste is okay! Immortal grass honey I saw that Yamibuy also stocked it, so I bought it
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现在我就来说:我喝过草莓🍓饮料,这是我第二次购买了,因为好喝呗! 🤗 还有香菇脆也是好吃啊👍🏻易拉罐装的那个,感觉有点像白开水,但是 味道还可以吧! 仙草蜜我是看到亚米网也有货,我才剁手的