👍🏻Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Multifunctional Powerful Sewer Cleaning Pill👍🏻

 In fact, the multi-functional powerful sewer cleaning pill is just After I received the goods, I saw the topic of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, what is so good! Haha 😄 you will find out why there is no cleaning pill, because I I unpacked it and used it yesterday, how does it work?


  But This pill should be placed in water, dissolved for a period of time, and then washed away!

It can be used wherever there is water, such as the sink in the kitchen, the bathtub in the bathroom 🛁 . I will not introduce them one by one😅 It has points2The flavors are peach flavor and citrus flavor. I bought the peach flavor, and I didn't find it fragrant. Maybe the smell is not too strong!

Where my finger presses the outer packaging, there is a dotted line there, just tear it along the dotted line Come down and that's it. 2.After opening, the cleaning pill is taken out. I tore off the pill by hand. If you don't think it's easy, use scissors! But don't cut the balls. Otherwise it's a waste. 3.4.That is: remove the cleaning pill box 5. Get the outer box on, and you can continue to use it next time


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👍🏻小林制药 多功能强力下水道清洗丸👍🏻

 其实多功能强力下水道清洗丸是刚收到货之后,我就看到有关小林制药的话题,啥这么刚好呢!哈哈😄 你会发现怎么少了个清洗丸,因为我昨天先拆了包装用了下,效果如何?


  不过 这丸要放在水里,溶解一段时间,再能冲走的哦!

只要有水的地方,都能用,比如厨房的洗碗池,卫生间的浴缸🛁 。我就不一一介紹了😅 它有分2种味道分別是水蜜桃香味和柑橘香味,我买的是水蜜桃味,没觉得它有香味道。可能香味不是很重吧!

我手指按的外包装位置,它那里有虚线,只要沿着虚线撕下来,就行了。2.打开之后,就是取出清洗丸,我是用手撕下丸子的。你要是觉得不好弄,那就用下剪刀吧!可千万别把丸子,剪坏了。要不然 它就浪費了。3.4.就是说:拆掉清洗丸的包装盒 5.把外包装盒给弄上去,下次还能继续用