Yami 특선
# 晒单闪现抢积分 # # 私藏好货大曝光 # # 旧物集中营 # sleep is magical fairies sleep mask 🙊 when I first saw this mask was known not require cleaning before putting too for my kind of people who do not bother to apply mask (not really I like the wet and sticky feeling of the cloth wearing the mask😹) It is really not too convenient and quick to buy from Yami’s third merchant Hefeng Liangpin. After placing the order, it will be sent directly to Japan within a few hours, and it will arrive in three working days. My home, scare the baby to death quickly😱 The delivery speed is faster than some local ones, and I once thought that Japan was near my house. I was so excited when I got it~ It is a high-value package when I opened it, and a small scooping spoon is included to ensure the whole The bottle of mask is clean. When I opened it, it was really amazing. The crystal clear mask still had beautiful golden glittering particles floating on it. It felt cool and comfortable when applied, and it was absorbed quickly and moisturized. The next day, the skin would be soft and tender like a baby. I couldn't bear it. Stay and touch a few more times👼 Recommend to all the little fairies who love beauty🤗
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Yami 특선 # 晒单闪现抢积分 # # 私藏好货大曝光 # # 旧物集中营 # 睡一覺又是小仙女的神奇睡眠面膜 🙊 當初看到這款面膜就被號稱敷上後不需要清洗實在太適合我這種懶得敷面膜的人 (真不喜歡戴著面膜那片布濕濕黏黏的感覺 😹) 跟亞米第三商家和風良品購買真的不要太方便快捷,下單後幾乎幾個小時就直接日本寄出,三個工作天就到我家,快速的嚇死寶寶 😱 送貨速度比有些當地的快,還一度錯覺以為日本就在我家附近 😆 拿到時好興奮~打開是高顏值的包裝,還附贈一個小挖匙確保整瓶面膜的乾淨。 打開時真的太驚豔,晶瑩剔透的面膜還浮著美麗金色閃耀顆粒~美呆 敷上感覺冰涼舒適,吸收的很快也很滋潤,隔天皮膚吹彈可破嫩嫩如同嬰兒,自己忍不住多摸幾下 👼 推薦給眾位愛美小仙女們 🤗