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A new wave of unboxing is coming 🔜

A new wave of unboxing is coming!

Our family'sottosees big boxes and small boxes Not to mention how curious..Being tricking me all the time.< /span>All kinds of cartons.Plastic bags, it has to be checked first< /span>.Wait for me to take pictures.Good guy.Sleeping next to me💤 💤💤



Second wave of Sephora unboxing and trying some new products.Many of the products are purchased for the first time.Some of them have not been used, so I can't tell you the specific experience .In the future, if there is a special favorite product in the process of use, it will be updated separately.< /span>


farmacyHome's new whitening smear mask< /span>.Look at online grass growing.Summer is coming.I bought some whitening products this time, hoping to brighten my skin.

farmacyHome Whitening Sheet Mask.The one I bought in the yellow package is fine.I want to try this one in green packaging this time.

❸Sephora House Mask.Buy 3 Get 1 Free< /span>.Tried this series of masks before.It feels good to use.Affordable series .For normal daily care.Many different colors Different effects.The taste is also very pleasing.

❹Sephora Hand Mask.First purchase< /span>.Try it.Looking at the reviews are all good.Don't forget the hand care at the same time as the facial treatment! There are also different flavors to choose from.I bought two pieces.< /span>Use the hand mask together when applying the mask👆.


diorBest.This time I entered the color again🍁 This one.the one in the yellow bottle before. When the time comes, let's compare the two together.The texture of the two I all like it. Essence for summer.

❻Kiehl's Whitening Serum.This wind blows It's too big.It's been a long time planting grass! Been using it for over a week.It feels great! !

❼Bei Lingfei's eyebrow set. is also one of the best set! It has been specially tanned before. Interested can go to see.

❽Sephora's own brushes78.Half price area ! Great price! Works great too!


coola sun protection kit! Also by my friend Amway.a set is painted.. span>sprayed.and sunscreen lip balm.One set in hand.The world is invincible! Felt great value. # 大牌护肤< /span> # # 美妆护肤种草 #< a href="https://m.yamibuy.com/show/topics/3131"> # 百万积分第六季 # # 防晒我选它 #

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coola的防晒套装!也是被朋友安利.一套里有涂的.喷的.还有防晒唇膏.一套在手.天下无敌啦!感觉很超值. # 大牌护肤 # # 美妆护肤种草 # # 百万积分第六季 # # 防晒我选它 #