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# 什么值得买 # # 开箱大吉 # # 晒亚米红包赢免单 # # 开箱晒货 # # 摸着良心来种草 #New Years out of the box. Natural rice was planted for the first time. Rice thin, bread and abalone porridge are must-buy every time. The porridge is even more strongly requested by roommates to stock up. Calling Yami ☎! Happy New Year everyone!

Yami UGC 이미지
Yami UGC 이미지

One person small hot pot

It feels good with the beautiful home. Bought the Bo Bo Chicken before and it was good. The ingredients are basically the same, except that this hot pot has more noodles and is hot, while the chicken is cold. I have to say that the base is delicious but very spicy. As a weak 🐔 who cant eat

My roommate bought too many snacks before, so this time I only bought some practical ones. I have to say that Yamis delivery is getting faster and faster than heart 💕

Yami UGC 이미지

TA가 아직 구매후기를 게시하지 않았어요. 나중에 다시 오세요~

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