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Ten years ago, in a small dorm room halfway across the world, a young Chinese student had a dream. He dreamed of bringing the taste and culture of his homeland to the rest of the world. And with that dream, he started a revolution.Fast forward ten years, and that dream has become a reality. Yami,

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Valentine's Day

Love is in the air and Valentines Day is just around the corner!Its time to celebrate the special bond between two peopleand show your affection in unique and creative ways.This year, we want to see how you express your love and let’s share it with the world.Let’s share the gift you bought on

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课桌前干净的校服身影慌乱中一秒的对视难堪时善意的解围这些也许简单也许隆重的初次见面都有可能是爱意的开端情人节来临请大家分享一下在亚米上买到的情人节好礼吧!参与话题# 情你收下吧! #晒出你在亚米上购买的贴心礼物💗晒单规则与奖励说明💝***晒单之前请认真阅读,不达标的晒单是没有积分奖励的哦***请分享自己在亚米上购买的情人节贴心礼物合格的晒单至少要3张图+50个字+商品tag每篇达标晒单可得52积分奖励!晒单案例: 🎀活动时间🎀美西时间 02/08/2023-02/16/2023 3PM PT微风渐起,而我在等你*活动最终

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Black Friday has arrived! Can you believe that theres only one month left for 2022? This is the time of the year that people always wonder where all the money is spent! What about you? Did you prepare enough gifts for the coming Christmas? Did you store enough snacks for the rest of the year?

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Share And Be Rewarded| Addictive Asian Snack

Asian snacks can be addictive! Like the Salted egg yolk chips🤩 What’s your favorite? What do you like about them? Exotic flavors? Or traditional taste? Share with us and you will be rewarded with unlimited Yami points 🌷To enter you must simply🌷 Pick your favorite Asian snack

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Topics with prizes | Share good things in spring, win unlimited points, draw microcomputer electric stewing pot

English list with prizes | Spring limited items Yamis English single plate is officially launched! Take advantage of the spring Share spring in our eyes with the world! Cute food and scenery deserve to be recorded! Show your own spring goodies🌸 could be cherry blossom candy p Can be spri

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Share And Be Rewarded| Yami Sakura Season

Lets share the spring with the world! Lovely food and scenery are worthy of being recorded Sakura season is here! /p Share your Sakura products in English on our platform🌸 It can be 🌸 makeup products in the spring Can be the Sakura flavor food ... All products purchased in 🌸Yami Saku

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9周年店庆有奖话题| 分享你与亚米的故事 赢$99礼卡

岁月如梭 🎂一眨眼亚米已经到9岁生日啦!🎂 💗回首我们相伴走来的9年💗 一定有许多故事可以分享 店庆9周年有奖话题开启啦! 快来参与话题 # 亚米与你相识已9 # 让照片勾起回忆 分享你和亚米这9年的故事吧 哪些可以晒 老照片证明亚米陪你走过的岁月 你和亚米有关的故事 9年里你留意到亚米的改变 分享亚米与你互相陪伴的故事 。。。。 和亚米9年来的回忆都可以晒出来! 活动时间 美西时间 2/27 - 3/28 活动奖励 话题下符合分享规则的晒单可得50积分 本次晒单活动将会根据点赞情况发出奖励 获得点赞最多的分享故事 👑

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有奖话题 | 晒节日好物 猜亚米灯谜 赢积分 抽$20亚米礼卡

🧧年味还未散去🧧 🌸情人节和元宵节就来啦🌸 在这欢乐的日子里 都有哪些亚米好物陪伴呢? 🧸🧸🧸 跟孩子一起做风车 和爱人一起剪窗花 为家人做顿大餐 带礼盒去拜访好友 。。。 又到了有奖晒单时间 参与话题 #2022双节快乐 🪐晒出节日氛围亚米好物吧!🪐 👉哪些可以晒👉 自然造物传统手工 节日必吃美味零食 送礼首选豪华礼盒 提升幸福家用电器 脸上增光好用美妆 。。。。 关于亚米的一切都可以晒! 🌼活动时间🌼 美西时间2/12 - 2/24 🌼活动奖励🌼 话题下添加商品tag晒单奖励100积分 加精晒单可得200积分 *不少于30个字

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Topic with prizes | Show off your beauty and scheming, get a $100 gift card

each girl All yearn for blinkingYouth forever! Photo C debut, beautiful and natural shineSlay full The secret of the field is it! Its time to post prizes againParticipate in the topic🌸# 晒出你的美丽心机 # 🌸 Show you Which can be shown🔥The hottest Chinese color contact lenses moody🔥⭐CoFancy Star Eye⭐

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