# Happy order Happy life! # 🥖This is a big bag of torn bread There are 12 individually wrapped long bread sticks inside! Affordable family package! 🥖The bag is very easy to tear open! The surface of the bread has ordinary lines & waffle lines. It tastes soft, soft and fragrant! A shredded stick with a cup of smashing milk tea! This is perfect for breakfast! 🥖The shape of bread is loved by children It's just the size you can hold in your hand! The side is torn down and eaten one by one along the lines. It's very interesting. 🥖If you feel too dry, you can dip it in milk tea for more flavor! The original taste is relatively ordinary, nothing special~ Personally, I like the cheese flavor, which is rich in flavor. There will be a little "surprise" inside the stuffing, a little bit of cheese stuffing. we finished one bag in two days.