# Happy order Happy life! #XIANGPIAOPIAO Soymilk-Mixed Flavor Milk TeaIt’s not like a traditional milk tea, it tastes like a soymilk tea. It com

# Happy order Happy life! #Shake Milk Tea—Four Season Spring Milk TeaFour spring tea is a famous green tea 🍵 in China. The taste is clean and fre

# Happy order Happy life! #Wonjin Hydro Vial Concentrated Essence MaskI like the appearance of the package, it looks simple but attractive. The

# Happy order Happy life! #DONG SUH Barley Tea 500mlSuper healthy drink! ZERO CALORIES!!It seems a very popular drink in South Korea. It tastes

# Happy order Happy life! #Cheese Raspberry Nut Oatmeal 400gThis is the third-edition oatmeal of OCAK. It’s more like a snack than an oatmeal, beca

# Happy order Happy life! #Rice Snail Noodle Gold Award in the Conch Noodles 300gThis is a traditional and special food which originally comes fro


# Happy order Happy life! #Milky Jujube Cocoa FlavorJujube is a traditional Chinese fruit, which is red and sweet. It’s not only tasty but also ben

# Happy order Happy life! # Let’s get Rock n “Yolk”! 😝 There are actually six in total, but I couldn’t wait to try it when I opened the package😅. Th

# 亚米神仙减肥好物 #嘶溜嘶溜的减肥好物4⃣️:JAYONE JELLY.B芒果味果冻芒果味算是我最喜欢的口味之一了,永远不会踩雷的味道👌在只有6卡的果冻里,芒果的香甜味挺清爽的,淡淡的不会很重的味道

# 亚米神仙减肥好物 #嘶溜嘶溜的减肥好物3⃣️:JAYONE JELLY. B苹果味果冻苹果味🍎的果冻,不算特别新奇,但也确实少见(大概是我孤陋寡闻吧😑),大概是因为苹果的香味相对来说不会特别明显,所以很难做出带有苹果香味的果冻吧?不过这个苹果味果冻喝起来...甜甜的清爽的,确实有一

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