🌟Sephora's birthday gift this year is very good! Got one for my husband's birthday. 🌟I chose Drunk Elephant's skin care sample set, 30ml of facial cleanser and 15ml of cream. The portion is quite a lot 😆😊🤩 🌟I have never used the Drunk Elephant brand, it seems that it suddenly became popular last year. 🌟 This time I took a sample and you can try it! I also look forward to using the results! 🌟The opening design of the facial cleanser is very interesting, it is squeezed out from the bottom 🤩 ps: This year's Sephora birthday gift, you can have it! Remember to get it ❤️ # 大牌护肤 # # 百万积分第六季 #
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🌟今年丝芙兰的生日礼很不错啊!老公的生日拿了一份。 🌟选了醉象的护肤小样套装,洗面奶30ml,面霜15ml。分量还挺多的呀😆😊🤩 🌟醉象的牌子我没用过,貌似去年突然火🔥起来的。 🌟这次拿了小样可以试试看呢!我也期待使用效果! 🌟洗面奶的开口设计挺有趣,是从底部挤出来的🤩 ps:今年的丝芙兰生日礼,可以有!大家记得要领取哦❤️ # 大牌护肤 # # 百万积分第六季 #