I am attracted by the new product again~ ⭐️Wangzai is my forever love, everything is delicious~ ⭐️This ebony juice is really only good-looking to me. I don’t like drinking sour plum juice. The sugar content is less than ordinary drinks, so it’s not very sweet, but a little sour. , but it's more like ebony juice that has been mixed with water (that's because it's understandable because of less sugar), but I probably won't repurchase it 😂 ⭐️The sesame cake is really melt-in-your-mouth feeling, it is not very sweet, and the sesame flavor is also ok ⭐️I really don't like salted egg yolk glutinous rice crockpot, it tastes quite oily ⭐️A lot of fish have always been a good snack to satisfy your cravings ⭐️The beef bone soup cubes are good after reading the comments. I want to use them to make beef bone soup powder, but I haven't tried them yet, so I don't know if they taste good or not. ⭐️Baozhisu's desserts really surprised me. I like coconut milk sago and coconut milk black glutinous rice. It's not too sweet and it feels just right. The taste of coconut milk is very strong~ Coconut milk sago is just It feels relatively ordinary. I feel that I can cut some diced fruit (watermelon, cantaloupe, mango, etc., Japanese purple potato is also good) and mix it together to make it more suitable for summer. I like black glutinous rice with coconut milk (it tastes like fresh taro fairy The purple rice porridge is similar), I haven’t tried the other two meal replacement porridges, but I feel that the things in his family should not be too bad. When I bought it before, Yangzhi Ganlu has not come out yet, so I must buy it and try it next time. ~ # 快乐宅零食清单 # # 亚米开箱 # # 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translation204af7d635d64049b3c4
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又被新品给吸引的剁手了~ ⭐️旺仔我永远的爱,什么都好吃~ ⭐️这个乌梅汁对我就真的只有颜值而已了,我本来就不喜欢喝酸梅汁累的饮品,这个含糖量比普通的饮料都要少,所以不是很甜,有一点酸酸的,不过更像兑过水的乌梅汁(那是因为糖少能理解)不过我应该不会回购了😂 ⭐️芝麻糕是真的入口即化的感觉,也不是很甜,芝麻味也是可以的 ⭐️咸蛋黄糯米锅巴我是真的不太喜欢,吃进去油味比较大 ⭐️好多鱼一直都是解馋的好零食 ⭐️牛骨汤块看评论还不错想拿来做牛骨汤粉,不过还没试过,不知道味道好不好 ⭐️宝之素的甜品是真的惊艳到我了,椰汁西米露和椰汁黑糯米我都挺喜欢的,不是特别甜感觉刚刚好,椰奶的味道很浓郁~ 椰汁西米露就感觉比较普通,感觉自己再切点水果丁(西瓜,哈密瓜,芒果之类的,日本紫薯也不错)拌在一起会更适合夏天吃,椰汁黑糯米我很喜欢(吃起来跟鲜芋仙的紫米粥差不多),另外两个代餐粥还没试过,不过感觉他家的东西应该不会差到哪里去,之前买的时候杨枝甘露还没出,下次一定要买来试试~ # 快乐宅零食清单 # # 亚米开箱 # # 亚米晒单 #