Chongqing😎Ninth Street One Sister | Shufen's Treasure Chuanchuan Company🍢 ————————————————————— I! real! of! too! happiness! joyous! fire! pot! ! I! superior! generation! son! Can! can! At once! Yes! one! mouth! pot! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Coordinates ✅Block B, Central Fragrance Apartment, No. 1 Tianhe Road, Yubei District This delicious and retro Hong Kong style decoration skewer 🍢 shop Sisters who come to Chongqing to travel remember to punch in! 🌝 Shufen does not accept reservations to eat, she must be early or queue up 🐻 ruthlessly! As the name suggests, this store's signature string is the treasure in the palm of your hand! Just in the palm of your hand, there are a lot of spicy garlic cumin pickled peppers and so on~ My personal favorite is that the cumin flavor tastes the most fragrant and super crunchy! Shufen's duck intestines are also a must-order, very fresh and crispy! Chopsticks beef is indeed one of the special dishes in such a long store~ Eating skewers 🍢 and having a bite of ice-cold glutinous rice balls is just perfect hahaha! The proportion of flour in the shrimp slippery is too much. Personally, I don’t recommend it🤫 Arrive at the store ➕🛰️🌟 Take a photo📷 Invoice circle ➕ Geographical location = lottery discount After the discount for two people🌹fees 170+soft sister coins Chongqing hot pot is really cheap‼ ️ # 夏日香气 # # 为爱花钱 # # 燃烧卡路里大作战 # # 夏日色彩打卡 # # 童年回忆零食 #
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重庆😎九街一姐 | 淑芬掌中宝串串公司🍢 ——————————————————— 我!真!的!太!喜!欢!火!锅!了! 我!上!辈!子!可!能!就!是!一!口!锅! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 坐标✅渝北区天和路1号中央香寓B座 这家好吃又复古港风装修串串🍢店 有来重庆旅游的小姐妹们记得来打卡!🌝 淑芬不接受预约去吃一定要趁早不然排队🐻的狠! 顾名思义这家店的招牌串串就是掌中宝啦! 光是掌中宝口味就有好多麻辣蒜香孜然泡椒等等~ 我个人最喜欢的是孜然味吃起来最香超脆好吃! 淑芬家的鸭肠也是必点很新鲜口感爽脆的不得了! 筷子牛肉一根确实有🥢那么长店里的特色菜之一~ 吃着串串🍢再来一口冰冰的汤圆简直巴适哈哈哈! 虾滑的面粉比例比较多太粉了个人不太建议点🤫 到店➕🛰️🌟拍照📷发票圈➕地理位置=抽奖打折 两个人折后🌹费170+软妹币重庆火锅真的便宜‼️ # 夏日香气 # # 为爱花钱 # # 燃烧卡路里大作战 # # 夏日色彩打卡 # # 童年回忆零食 #