Little fairies should eat more things with magnesium 💗

I didn't know much about this trace element when I saw this public test🙈< span class="s1">, but I applied with the mentality that it is better to eat nutritional tablets when I am older~💗 

Only after the application is applied, I will check the reaction of magnesium deficiency. I don't know if I don't see it, but I will be shocked when I see it. Magnesium deficiency will lead to 👉🏻feeling tired < span class="s2">👉🏻Have frequent headaches 👉🏻< /span>High blood pressure 👉🏻vitaminsDlow levels Except for high blood pressure, isn’t that what I’m talking about! ! 🤦🏻‍♀️Jun Jun felt my weakness in the air and moved me so much😂 

I was very excited to open it after the delivery, wow, what a big bottle, it feels like one time2 teaspoon span>You can drink it for a long time😳A conservative estimate for half a year (because I don’t remember drinking 🙈🙈  p>

The instructions for use are to soak it in hot or cold water, just like a vitamincThe effervescent tablet will bubble like a puff.💓I have seen it before @rainzl 's volcanic eruption, as witty as I used cold water and watched it spit bubbles and slowly expand So cute.🍧🐟

Bubble's own taste is amazing🤣After the rise Stir it and it will slowly turn into normal juice./Water looks like~ 

This israspberry+lemon, a little sour Sour, not bad, a little lemonade feeling, adding a little water and juice will make the taste more rich and delicious💕 

After drinking, I lay in bed with a very peaceful mind, and I feel like I will fall asleep in a while🙈< /span>I heard that this can also help sleep, because I usually sleep like🐷 Just got back from LAso maybe oneoutlier It can't be completely fair and impartial to evaluate this aspect, ready to let my roommate try it out🤪😳  

smalltip🍑: Many foods are rich in magnesium, so little fairies who pay attention to health should eat more~ Almonds or cashews, spinach, soy milk, oats, black or kidney beans, edamame, peanut butter, whole wheat bread, avocado, potatoes , plain yogurt and brown rice are excellent! 😳I know why I am weak🤦🏻‍♀️ Hurry up and make up! ! Thank you Jun Jun for ringing the alarm! ! 😘😘

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申上了之后才去查缺镁的反应,不看不知道,一看吓一跳,缺镁会导致 👉🏻感到疲惫 👉🏻经常头痛 👉🏻血压高 👉🏻维生素D水平低 除了血压高这不就是说得我吗!!🤦🏻‍♀️君君隔空感受到了我的虚弱让我好生感动😂 

快递到了之后我很激动拆开了,哇好大一瓶,感觉一次2 teaspoon可以喝好久好久😳保守估计半年吧(因为我会不记得喝🙈🙈 

使用说明是用热水或者冷水泡开,就像维c泡腾片一样会噗嗤噗嗤冒泡泡💓事先看过了 @rainzl 的火山喷发晒货,机智如我就用了冷水,看着它一点一点吐泡泡慢慢膨胀起来的样子好可爱哇🍧🐟




tip🍑:很多食物里面都富含镁,所以注重养生的小仙女们要多多吃哟~ 杏仁或腰果、菠菜、豆奶、燕麦、黑豆或芸豆、毛豆、花生酱、全麦面包、鳄梨、 土豆、普通酸奶和糙米都是极好的!😳我算是知道我为啥体虚了🤦🏻‍♀️赶紧补一补!! 感谢君君给我敲醒警钟!!😘😘