The bread on Yami is super delicious, especially the bread from the D-Plus brand is very cost-effective. Ohuatian Cake Roll: Personally, I think it is a little too sweet, it is suitable to be eaten with coffee or tea, but it is really delicious. The chocolate and cream inside are full of flavor, and the cake itself is not dry and soft. Would definitely repurchase infinitely if it wasn't that expensive. D-Plus Bread: I personally tried the following flavors - red bean (two), green tea, brown sugar, coffee, and cream. Red bean (whole bean granulated version vs. pureed version): I personally recommend the granulated version. The red bean tastes more fragrant. I would recommend people who like red bean paste bread to buy it and try it, and will repurchase Green tea: ok, green tea taste is not particularly noticeable, would not recommend/repurchase Coffee: The taste of coffee adds a different flavor to this bread, a little bitter but super delicious, would recommend/repurchase Brown sugar: I personally think it will be a little too sweet to eat alone. It can be paired with coffee or tea. You can buy it and try it, but I will not repurchase it. Cream: I personally think the best one, the creamy taste is very full, the milky fragrance, very recommended/will repurchase # 亚米商城6周年 #
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Yami上面的面包都超好吃,特别是D-Plus牌子的面包性价比超高。 阿华田蛋糕卷:个人觉得太甜了一点,适合搭配咖啡或茶吃,但是好吃是真的好吃。里面的巧克力和奶油味道很足,蛋糕本身也不干,很软。如果不是那么贵的话肯定会无限回购。 D-Plus面包:个人试了以下这几种口味- 红豆(两种)、绿茶、黑糖、咖啡、和奶油。 红豆(整颗豆粒款vs泥状款):个人比较推荐颗粒款,红豆吃起来味道更香,会推荐喜欢红豆沙面包的人购买尝试一下,会回购 绿茶:还可以,绿茶味道不是特别明显,不会推荐/回购 咖啡:咖啡的味道给这个面包增加了不同风味,有点微苦但是超好吃,会推荐/回购 黑糖:个人觉得单独吃会有点太甜,可搭配咖啡或茶,可以买来尝尝但本人不会回购 奶油:我个人觉得最好吃的一款,奶油味十分足,奶香奶香的,非常推荐/会回购 # 亚米商城6周年 #