I bought a lot of things that I wanted to buy before taking advantage of the Spring Festival discount~ and I feel that Yami has replenished many things that have been out of stock for a long time at the end of the year. I am happy! Friends who love spicy food, you deserve the spicy Xinjiang rice noodles 😜 The beef noodles are so delicious, but the chili oil looks earth-shattering, but it is actually far more fragrant than spicy. For those who don't like spicy food, don't throw away the chili oil packets~ Then there is the daily hoarding of vitality forest 😁 Seeing Jiang Canteen planting grass, Mr. Bai Zhongyuan's new way to eat instant noodles hhhh, so I bought a package of non-fried Xin ramen with my own instant noodle sauce to try (forced to be healthy) Of course, epidemic prevention in the new year is also indispensable! The KN95 on Yami is already cheaper than Amazon. The material is closer to cotton, and it is quite comfortable. The independent packaging is also very clean and hygienic. Using the mask artifact will not make your face imprinted! I just hope Fedex won't send me any more delays in the new year 😂 # 一秒变好吃 # # 无辣不欢 吃辣挑战 # # 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translation0e543340553f425db60962 #
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趁春节打折的机会买了好多之前想买的东西~而且感觉亚米年终补货了很多之前断货很久的东西,开心! 爱吃辣的朋友们,爆辣款的新疆米粉你值得拥有😜 牛肉面可太好吃了,不过辣椒油看着惊天动地实则香远多于辣,不太吃辣的小伙伴们也不要把辣油包扔掉了哦~ 然后就是日常囤元气森林😁 看姜食堂种草了白钟元老师的泡面新吃法hhhh于是买了包非油炸辛拉面配自己做的泡面酱试试(强行健康 新的一年防疫当然也不能少! 亚米上这一款KN95已经比亚马逊都便宜了,材质更接近棉的,还挺舒服,独立包装也很干净卫生,就是稍稍有点大所以有一些松,不过对脸大的我很友好,而且用戴口罩神器也不会把脸勒出印子了! 就希望新的一年Fedex不要再给我delay送货了😂 # 一秒变好吃 # # 无辣不欢 吃辣挑战 # # 摸着良心来种草啦 #