This glutinous corn 🌽 exceeded my deadline, it was perfect [wow] it didn’t overturn! After cooking it in the pot for about 8 minutes, the taste, size and texture are really great! It's not particularly soft, nor is it particularly chewy, everything is just right. The particles are very fragrant and glutinous when bitten, and there are also particles that are bursting with juice. The combination is wonderful. [Turning] It’s not too sticky, it tastes sweet and chewy, I love it [Color] and it’s not overturned! If you like it, you can place an order # 方家铺子 # # 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translationb8674ecbaef74883ad43749d57 6e5985 #
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这个花糯玉米🌽超出我的逾期了,堪称完美[哇]没翻车!在锅里煮了大概8分钟,味道、大小、口感真的都特别棒!不是特别软,也不是特别有嚼劲的口感,一切刚刚好。咬下去很香糯的颗粒,也会有爆汁的颗粒,结合起来很妙。[转圈]不会太粘手,口感香甜、Q弹糯,爱了爱了[色]没有翻车!喜欢的友友可以下单啦# 方家铺子 # # 高颜值美食 #