Green juice can't stop💕💕 A while ago, Yami green juice buy two get one free, and immediately stock up on green juice 😏 Green juice is suitable for the following people: 1. The body is acidic and needs to balance the pH value of the body. Qingqu Juice can neutralize the acidic toxins in the body. 2. The daily intake of vegetables from food is insufficient, and they often eat fast food outside. 3. Weak constitution, anemia or need to supplement vitamins. 4. Osteoporosis requires calcium, potassium and other elements. 5. Bad stomach, hyperacidity or frequent constipation. 6. Frequent smoking and drinking, excessive toxins in the body, bad breath and phlegm. 7. Lose weight and lose fat. I have insisted on drinking green juice for half a year. I used to have frequent constipation💩. Now I am quite content with at least 5 bowel movements a week😆😆 The little fairy with constipation must try it! Strong Amway
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青汁不能停💕💕 前一段时间亚米青汁买二赠一,立马就囤青汁😏 青汁适合以下人群: 1、 体质偏酸,需要平衡身体酸碱值,青趣泡汁可以中和体内酸性毒素。 2、 每天从食物中摄取的蔬菜量不足,经常在外面吃快餐。 3、 体质虚弱,贫血或者需要补充维生素。 4、 骨质疏松,需要补钙、钾等元素。 5、 肠胃不好,胃酸过多或者经 常便秘 。 6、 经常抽烟喝酒,体内毒素过多,口臭痰多。 7、 瘦身减脂。 坚持喝青汁有半年了,原先经常便秘💩,严重的时候一周便一次。现在一周至少排便5次已经相当知足了😆😆 便秘的小仙女一定要试试!强烈安利