As the saying goes, "Eat three dates a day and you will never look old", which is a true saying from experience. (Zhai Shixin, "The Science of Spring Health Preservation"). Jujubes are rich in vitamins C and E, and their vitamin C is much higher than that of apples and peaches. Eating them regularly can prevent the occurrence of damaging diseases such as freckles, cheilitis, and seborrheic dermatitis. (Dang Haizheng, "Encyclopedia of Leisure and Entertainment", Volume 4) | Jujubes can be taken in spring to nourish the spleen. For the elderly and weak people with insufficient spleen and stomach, taking scorched jujube tea or jujube porridge in spring can play a role in nourishing the middle qi, strengthening the spleen and promoting body fluid. # 我的囤货清单 # # 健康食品 # # 健康养生 # Soak wolfberries in a thermos cup, and you can also soak red dates in a thermos cup. Red dates, wolfberries, and longans have always been a good partner for soaking in water. # 一喝就爱上的水 # In fact, I like to eat red dates as snacks, which is healthy and satisfying. Make some brown sugar steamed cakes and brown sugar ginger tea~ Really good # 方家铺子 #This gift box is beautiful and can be given as a gift or for personal use. There are several bags in it, which can be distributed to neighbors without worrying about storage problems
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俗语说:“一日吃三枣,终生不显老”,实属经验之谈。(翟世信《春季养生有学问》)。 大枣所含的维生素C、E丰富,其维生素C远远高于苹果、桃,常吃可防止雀斑、唇炎、脂溢性皮肤炎等损害疾病的发生。(党海政《休闲娱乐百科全书》四卷)|春季可服用大枣,以此补脾,老年体弱及脾胃不足之人,春季常服用焦枣茶或大枣粥,可以起到补中益气、健脾生津的作用。# 我的囤货清单 # # 健康食品 # # 健康养生 # 保温杯里泡枸杞,保温杯里还可以泡红枣。 红枣枸杞桂圆一直是泡水好搭档# 一喝就爱上的水 # 其实我挺喜欢把红枣当零食吃,又健康又解馋。 做做红糖发糕,红糖姜茶呀~真真是不错的# 方家铺子 #这款礼盒装精美好看,送人自用都OK。里面分好几袋,可以分给邻居,也不担心存放问题