I bought a lot of things from Yami! The things I bought arrived at my house very quickly. The perfume had a slightly sweet smell and was refreshing. My favorite in this set was the Peach Love Osmanthes. The Buldak Ramen was very spicy and delicious with the cheese. I'll buy ramen again. The rice was the usual delicious rice. The last Snoopy's house was very cute and I'm displaying it at home. I made it with my boyfriend and had a cute date. It was fun to make it.# my top favorite purchase #
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Yamiから色々な物を買いました!買った物はとても早く家に着きました.パフュームはちょっと甘い匂いで、爽やか匂いでした.このセットのなかで一番すきなのはピーチラブオスマンテェスでした。ブルダックラーメンはとても辛くってチーズとて食べるのが美味しかったです.またラーメンを買います.ご飯はいつものの美味しいご飯です。最後のスヌーピーの家はとても可愛くて家に飾っています.彼氏と一緒に作ってかわいいデートをしました.作るのが面白かったです。# my top favorite purchase #