the right way to eat this amazingly delicious shrimp ramen! a tablespoon of butter and also one of sesame oil, and a tablespoon of soy sauce (aloha shoyu is the best!) sautéed up with a stalk or 2 of green onion, and a handful or two of frozen peeled uncooked shrimp ~ then sprinkle on some lemon pepper, put the lid on and let the shrimp simmer till the tails go pinkish. quickly turn the shrimps over, put the lid back on and then turn off the heat and let shrimps finish cooking with the residual pan heat. meanwhile, grab a small handful of dried mushrooms and pour boiling hot water over them in your ramen bowl, then take the seasoning packets from the bag and add them on top of the soaking mushrooms, and then put your ramen disk on top of all of that. microwave for 5 minutes, pull out bowl and add shrimp mixture on top of ramen. this only takes 5 or 6 minutes to make up and it is sooooo delicious ! # the tastiest # # my top favorite purchase # # shrimpramen # # masterkongramen # # masterkong #