Posting orders + evaluation The third wave~

I've been so busy lately that I haven't recommended something delicious for a long time Today is just right A bit of leisure time I'm here~

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Wangzai steamed buns Honey flavor is undoubtedly the best

span> I've always liked this milky little biscuits Want Want Small Steamed Bun has grown up since I was a kid I am really happy to buy it at Yamibuy ☺️  

Recommend a way to eat it~Tear the toast into pieces by hand Put it Pour into a bowl Pour into Wangzai steamed buns < span class="s1">drizzle with a little condensed milk really delicious Rich taste~

The egg rolls are really good the real egg rolls It's not the same as that of Master Kong very thick very fragrant And a big box Super recommended!

A dozen bags of salted egg yolk cake have been repurchased😂 The meat on my stomach is proof haha I really like this kind of salty taste Snacks Unlimited repurchase Recommended

Kang Yuan's cookies are delicious Orange< span class="s2"> Lemon and chocolate are very good Eat won't step on thunder And it’s cheap Very good value for money

Panpan's chicken nuggets are really delicious! It's a pity that the taste of Mexican chicken was gone when I bought it555 Be sure to buy it and try it next time! It's a big bag, and it's super enjoyable to eat! Of these two flavors, I prefer the flavor of wheat-flavored chicken nuggets~

This whole grain rice cake is really delicious! ! I think it's just right not too salty or spicy And the rice cake tastes good It's a whole grain again You can still deceive yourself haha really recommend< /span>

Natural Chive Biscuits I also really like this one The best soda cake is the chive flavor This is also bought several bags Unlimited repurchase Super recommended Every afternoon when I'm hungry Drink milk and cookies very happy😌

This hawthorn is really delicious! ! And it's so cheap1more knives This time I resolutely stocked up5bags < /span>It turned out to be almost finished in a few days😅 Recently I really like hawthorn so much bought a variety of hawthorn snacks May come again laterpoa hawthorn Special haha

This brown sugar candy is also very good Not too sweet< span class="s2"> In the days of Auntie Drinking ginger tea Eating brown sugar candy Really comfortable

There is really no need to say more about this Wujiang mustard. I like to drink porridge recently A bowl of porridge for breakfast is really comfortable I haven't eaten this mustard for a long time that morning Drinking porridge with mustard greens Remembering that I was at home in China The days of I am very impressed

Taishan fairy grass honey Remove anger easily~ Haha Brands from small to big span> I don't buy even if there are other brands This time it is finally replenished Hurry up and stock up a box When eating hot food such as barbecue, hot pot, etc. There is a bottle of fairy grass honey on the side It's really cool Remove greasy and don't get angry really must-have❤️

This issue is also my favorite snack I have always been Conscience I will recommend it to you only if I personally eat it and think it is delicious

Remember to like and like Otherwise, your conscience will be fine! (This sentence every time🙈)

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晒单+评价 第三波〜

最近太忙都很久没给你们推荐好吃的了 今天刚好有点闲情逸致 就来啦〜

要给我点赞赞哦 Mua

旺仔小馒头 蜂蜜味无疑是最最好吃的 一直很喜欢这种奶味很浓的小饼干 旺旺小馒头也是从小吃到大的 在亚米买到真的很开心☺️ 

给你们推荐一个吃法〜把吐司手撕成块 放入碗里 倒入旺仔小馒头 再淋上一点炼乳 真的爆炸好吃 口感丰富〜

鸡蛋卷确实非常好吃 是很真实的鸡蛋卷 跟康师傅那种薄薄的不一样 很厚 很香 而且一盒很大 超级推荐!

咸蛋黄饼已经回购了十几袋了😂 肚子上的肉都是证明啊哈哈 真的喜欢这种咸口的小零食 无限回购 推荐哟

康元的饼干都很好吃 香橙 柠檬 还有巧克力都非常好吃 不会踩雷 而且很便宜呀 性价比超高

盼盼的鸡块真的超好吃!可惜买的时候墨西哥鸡肉味已经没了555 下次一定要买来试试!很大一包,吃得超级过瘾!这两个味道我更喜欢麦香鸡块味〜

这个粗粮锅巴真的很好吃!!我觉得刚刚好 不会太咸太辣 而且锅巴的口感很好 又是粗粮 内心还是可以骗骗自己哈哈 真的推荐

自然的颜香葱饼干 这个我也是超级喜欢的 苏打饼最好吃的就是香葱味啦 这个也是买了好几袋了 无限回购 超级推荐 每天下午嘴馋的时候 喝个牛奶配个饼干 很幸福😌

这个山楂果真的好吃!!而且好便宜啊才1刀多 这次果断囤了5 结果没几天都快吃完了😅 最近真的太喜欢山楂了 买了各种山楂的零食 之后可能会再来po一篇山楂特辑哈哈

这个黑糖糖果也很不错 不会过甜 在大姨妈的那几天 喝着姜茶 吃着黑糖糖果 真的很舒服

这个乌江榨菜真的不用再多说啦 最近很喜欢喝粥 早餐一碗粥真的很舒服 这个榨菜我也是很久没吃了 那天早晨 喝着粥配着榨菜 想起来以前在国内家里的日子 很是感叹呢

泰山仙草蜜 轻松去火气〜 哈哈 从小喝到大的牌子 就算有别的牌子我也不买 这次终于补货了 赶紧囤了一箱 吃烧烤啊火锅啊这种比较上火的食物时 边上放着一瓶仙草蜜 真的太爽了 去油腻 而且不上火 真的必备❤️

这一期也都是自己很喜欢的零食 我向来都很良心 只会亲自吃过并且觉得很好吃才会推荐给你们哒

记得点赞赞 不然你们良心过得去嘛!(每次都这句话🙈