Green juice

Green juice repurchased for the third time

Although I am not aiming for it to lose weight, relieve constipation or something

For me This is for chlorophyll supplementation

Because of the skill of cooking It is really appalling so

Thinking of this way to add something

I tried it

Green juice+Fresh milk Freshness is over It's not good anymore

Green Juice+Mixed Rice Fresh enough Indescribable

Green juice+sesame paste Hehe

Green juice+almond paste Hehehe

Green juice+Water+Honey good Not great but still acceptable 

Second photo Layered I mixed green juice with milk powder < /span>

The third is green juice+Water+Honey

Bought three times Give a shaker bottle< span class="s1"> good although random< /span> But winning insulators like me got it < span class="s3">Then it means that most people should, maybe, probably get it too

That's it for this time

Hee hee

Thank you

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青汁 回购第三回了


对于我来说 这个就是用来补充叶绿素的

因为做菜的手艺 实在是惨不忍睹 所以



青汁+鲜牛奶 新鲜劲过了 就不好喝了

青汁+米稀 新鲜劲过了 一言难尽

青汁+芝麻糊 呵呵

青汁+杏仁糊 呵呵哒

青汁++蜂蜜 不错 不算特别棒 但是 还是能接受的 

第二个照片 分层的 是我用奶粉混青汁 


买了三回 还送一个摇摇瓶 不错 虽然说是随机的 但是像我这种中奖绝缘体都拿到了 那么说明大多数人应该,或许,可能也都拿到了吧