🌸Thank you Prince Hong for the free American ginseng tea tasting experience pack. We received a total of 6 tea bags, including American ginseng tea, American ginseng green tea, American Ginseng Honey Tea, American Ginseng Chrysanthemum Tea, American Ginseng Jasmine Tea and American Ginseng Rose Tea. 🌸Benefits of American Ginseng Nourishes yin and replenishes qi, clears heat and reduces fire, calms the mind and improves wisdom, etc. It is suitable for all seasons. 🌸How to take Put the tea bag in a cup and steep it in boiling water for three to five minutes. The longer the brewing time, the stronger the American ginseng flavor. 🌸American ginseng is the first choice for qi and health care. I really need it very much for me who used to suffer from anemia. I am so happy to receive it!
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🌸谢谢太子行免费赠送花旗参茶试喝体验包,一共收到6款茶包,分别有花旗参茶,花旗参绿茶, 花旗参蜜糖茶,花旗参菊花茶,花旗参茉莉花茶和花旗参玫瑰花茶。 🌸花旗参功效 滋阴补气、清热降火、宁神益智等,一年四季都适用。 🌸服用方法 把茶包放于杯中,以沸水浸泡三至五分钟,冲泡时间越长,花旗参味道越浓。 🌸花旗参作为补气保健首选药材,对于曾经患有贫血的我真的非常需要,收到真开心!