A must-buy snack every time: jelly I like to eat jelly very much, and I think the domestic jelly is the best. Every time I place an order at Yami, I will definitely buy a bunch of jelly. Kizhilang cici jelly is the best when it's chilled! Suck yo yo, ate a bag in one go. Be sure to bring a bag when you go to class after lunch, it’s delicious to relieve the heat! There are many flavors, I like pineapple 🍍, peach 🍑, grape 🍇 the most, as well as other apple 🍎, orange 🍊, lychee, the taste is super rich! The price is also cheap, only 0.69 in the area, buy 10 bags at one time! Jingjing lychee jelly is also very delicious, a pack of 59 yuan, very cheap, a single package, a bag of about 14, one bite one by one, cool 😊
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每次必买的小零食:果冻 我超喜欢吃果冻,而且觉得就国内的果冻最好吃,每次在亚米上下单都一定会买一堆果冻。 喜之郎cici果冻,尤其是冰镇过后最好吃!吸溜吸溜,一下子就吃完一袋了。中午饭后去上课一定带一袋,解暑又好吃!口味很多,我最喜欢菠萝🍍、桃子🍑、葡萄🍇,还有其他苹果🍎、橙子🍊、荔枝,口味超丰富!价格也便宜啊,一带才0.69,一次性买个10袋! 晶晶荔枝果冻也很好吃,一包1块59,很便宜,单个包装,一袋大概14个左右吧,一口一个一口一个,爽😊