Decompression artifact ~~ Mengmeng pinch baby

🐼🦊I accidentally saw these two cute goods🤣 I happen to like the toy of this material that I squeeze and play in my hand. It looks soft and cute, so I placed an order and bought it home🤪🤣

🐼🦊I feel so cute when I get it in my hand. The set of Ninja Panda and Ninja Fox is already very cute. It's soft, and the cute little face is deformed after clenching it tightly. It's so fun to let go and slowly bounce back to recovery😂😂Pinching is so addicting

🐼🦊Just pinch and pinch🤣🤣🤣< /p>

🐼🦊Yes, there is a strong bread smell when you squeeze it😋 😋Makes people want to take a bite😝😝 is absolutely invincible stress relief There is no relaxation artifact, haha there is no one who wants to try it

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