Flowers wear | The autumn wind is bleak and the sun is just right☀️ After holding it for a week, I can finally go out. The season has changed recently. Yesterday, it was still violent and rainy. It was more than 50 degrees. Today it will clear up immediately. Shirt: J.crew, I bought it last winter, the design is simple and the chest can be tied with a bow 🎀. There is a seam under the bow, looming and careful 😉 Pants: I bought them in China, because my crotch is wide and I am not suitable to wear tight jeans, I found that such straight-leg pants are my savior! It perfectly covers the shortcomings of unsightly legs. The high waist design makes the legs look longer. Bag: MK, bought at black friday the previous year, and it is also a simple design. Shoes: brought from China. It's very beautiful, with a black pointed toe and a plaid bow in the middle, which echoes the black stripes of the clothes. It's just a little hard to wear, but it's fine for a short time, but the heel hurts a little after a long time.
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花花穿搭 | 秋风萧瑟,阳光正好☀️ 憋了一周终于可以出门啦,最近换季,昨天明明还在狂风暴雨,50多度,今天就立马放晴啦。 上衣:J.crew,去年冬天买的了,设计简简单单,胸口可以打个蝴蝶结🎀。蝴蝶结下面有个缝,若隐若现的小心机😉 裤子:我在国内买的,因为我胯宽,不适合穿紧身的牛仔裤,就发现这样的直筒裤简直就是我的救星!完美的遮住了腿型不好看的缺点。高腰设计让腿看寄来更长。 包包:MK,前年的black friday买的,也是简简单单的设计。 鞋:从国内带过来的。很好看,黑色尖头,中间有格子蝴蝶结,和衣服黑色条纹也挺呼应的。就是有点不大好穿,短时间还好,时间久了后跟有点痛。