Lazy essential makeup remover

I saw the Kunzai tubing planting grass. After trying it out in the store, I felt that I still planted grass, so I bought this oneDior< Makeup remover with span class="s1">. The biggest selling point of this makeup remover is that it does not need to be cleaned and moisturizes. Are you particularly excited?

Come, let's say one by one:

One of the biggest advantages, strong makeup remover

Take the most difficult eye makeup as an example, it can be very clean in a single remove. No cleaning required either.

🙅‍♂️The disadvantage is that it needs to be r0 for a while, and it is not a product that can be applied quickly to remove makeup.

The second advantage is strong moisturizing power!

The moisturizing power is strong, and the part of the arm where the makeup remover is used Moisturization increases immediately 1%, then keep it until the next day (28.1 > > 27.9). The unused portion is very dry the next day (24%)

Additional benefits:

Very nice and gentle to use, no need to wash or irritate the skin

Smells great Light floral

The above will become my annual favorite items❤️

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保湿力强,胳膊用了卸妆乳的部分 滋润度立刻上升了1%,然后保持到第二天(28.1 >> 27.9)。而不用的部分第二天皮肤就很干燥(24%



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