🌱Pulling EVE LOM Cleansing Balm Known as the best makeup remover in the world, it has been published in major beauty magazines and a skin care magic weapon that many celebrities strongly recommend. I bought a big bottle a long time ago, and my face was rotten the next day after using it (I have sensitive skin). It was idle after that, but I kept seeing people planting grass. I went to Sephora to pay for it today, and when I saw that I had a small package at hand, I bought it back without giving up. Try it tonight, give a review in a few days 🐾 Follow up: I'm here to evaluate! Thank you to the little fairies who don’t have editor’s picks and likes and collects 💓 Give each of you a be careful~ I have been using it for 3 nights in a row~ I will use facial cleanser after removing makeup (some people say that this can be used without facial cleanser), just now After washing the face, the face will be slightly itchy (the small acne on the face will become slightly red and swollen); but the skin condition is normal the next day, and there is no allergic phenomenon, so I feel that it may be a little irritated after I use it. It's because my skin is too sensitive (I was allergic to Johnson & Johnson cream when I was a kid). So, as long as the little fairies who are not super sensitive (serious) skin 🧚‍♀️ can use it normally~🌟 In addition, the use effect is very good, it really removes very cleanly~ Official description: Even mascara can be easily removed Drop it~ it won't be sticky👀da~ 🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃
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🌱拔草 EVE LOM 卸妆膏 号称全世界最好用的卸妆膏,登过各大美妆杂志,多位明星强推的护肤法宝。 很久之前买过大罐的,用完第二天就烂脸了(我是敏感肌)。之后就闲置了,但是还不停看到有人种草。今天去丝芙兰买单,看到手边正好有小包装,不死心就买回来了。 今晚试用,晚几天给测评🐾 后续: 我来测评啦!感谢没有编辑精选还点赞收藏的小仙女们💓送给你们每人一个小心心~连着用了3个晚上啦~我卸妆后会使用洗面奶(有人说用这个可以不用洗面奶),刚洗完脸后脸部会有微微刺痒(面部的小痘痘会轻微变红变肿);但是第二天起来皮肤状态就很正常,没有过敏现象,所以我感觉我刚用完会有点刺激可能是因为我皮肤过于敏感(小时候用强生面霜会过敏)。所以说呢,只要不是皮肤超级敏感(严重)的小仙女🧚‍♀️们都可以正常使用哦~🌟另外,使用效果极佳,真心卸得很干净哦~官方说明:连睫毛膏都可以轻松卸掉哦~不会糊👀哒~ 🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃