Sunflower seeds, a god to pass the time~😂 I have nothing to do when I have time to eat melon seeds ~ chat about gossip ~ The point is the point is the point is [knocking on the blackboard here] 🤩 Very good time! Very good times! Very good times! If it is delicious, I can’t say enough about it haha~ The fragrant pecan taste and then I found and ate pecans in the bag. Like it, it’s not made of essence~ Good conscience 👍 Will repurchase!
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瓜子,打發時間的神物~😂 閒來沒事啃啃瓜子~聊聊八卦~ 重點是 重點是 重點是[此處敲黑板]🤩非常好次! 非常好次! 非常好次! 好吃的話都不能好好說了哈哈~ 香噴噴的山核桃味道 然後我在袋子裡面還有發現並且吃到山核桃啊 贊了不是香精做的~ 良心好評👍會回購!