"mid night canteen" Seeing the recommendation of internet celebrities, I bought five boxes at one go, which is more convenient to eat. I have additionally prepared coriander, spinach, and eggs (poached eggs are a must for noodles), and there is only one chopped green onion left, which is reserved for cooking tomorrow, and additional chopped green onion is more fragrant~ The box said two minutes, I actually cooked it for five minutes, to my taste. The noodles are very delicious!
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《深夜食堂》 看网红推荐的,于是乎一口气买了五盒,平常吃也比较方便。 额外准备了香菜,菠菜,鸡蛋(吃面必备荷包蛋哈),葱花就剩一个了,留着明天做饭用,额外加上葱花更香哦~ 包装盒上写著两分钟,我实际上煮了五分钟,适合我的口味。 面非常好吃!