Even if it's not for weight loss, I like to eat Poke Bowl🥗 ——————————————— Delicious and good-looking weight loss meal, your appetite becomes full 💯 Eat a healthy low-fat Poke Bowl today This is a very popular food in Hawaii because it is low in calories and healthy "Poke" means cut in Hawaiian It is to cut the food into small pieces and spread it on the rice or vegetables Plus the sauce and algae food ✅ I chose mixed vegetables 🥬 + salmon 🍣 as a base Topping is purple cabbage, crab fillet, seaweed salad, flying fish roe, small tomatoes The vinaigrette used is lower in calories and suitable for weight loss 🖤 Sometimes I want to eat this when I don't bring food to work 😂 Mainly love to eat salmon hahahaha 🙈🙈🙈 # 开年吃大餐 # # 冬天就要吃点好 # # 团长群BO # # 燃烧卡路里大作战 #
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就算不是减肥也喜欢吃Poke Bowl🥗 ———————————————— 好吃又好看的减肥餐食欲都变满分💯 今天吃一份健康低脂的Poke Bowl 这个实在夏威夷很火的食物因为低卡健康 在夏威夷“Poke”是切块的意思 就是把食物都切成小块铺在米饭或者蔬菜上 再加上酱汁和藻类食物就✅啦 我选择的是混合蔬菜🥬+三文鱼🍣打底 Topping是紫甘蓝蟹柳海藻沙拉飞鱼籽小番茄 用的油醋汁比较低卡路里适合减肥🖤 有时候上班没带饭就会想吃这个😂 主要爱吃三文鱼哈哈哈哈🙈🙈🙈 # 开年吃大餐 # # 冬天就要吃点好 # # 团长群BO # # 燃烧卡路里大作战 #