Product official website information: DE's lightweight sunscreen not only acts as a moisturizing sunscreen, but also contains antioxidants such as grape juice, sunflower sprouts and astaxanthin to prevent photoaging. It can be used every day without skin whitening and greasy feeling. The official recommendation is to use C Firma to enhance VC and antioxidant effects. Actual use effect: This is the only product in which my sense of use differs greatly from the official information. The texture is indeed much thinner than other sunscreens, but the face is still whitened and greasy, and the degree of whitening is still quite serious. I haven't tried mixing it with C Firma, so I don't know if it will reduce the greasy feeling. # 防晒我选它 # # 百万积分第六季 #
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产品官网信息: DE的轻薄款的防晒霜,不仅可以起到保湿防晒的作用,还含有葡萄汁、向日葵芽苗和虾青素等抗氧化剂,防止光老化。可以每天使用,不会有肌肤泛白、油腻感。官方建议搭配C Firma,加强VC及抗氧化作用。 实际使用效果: 这是唯一一款我的使用感跟官方信息出入较大的产品。质地相比其他防晒霜确实轻薄很多,但上脸还是会泛白和有油腻感,且泛白程度还是挺严重的。没有试过跟C Firma混合使用,不知道会不会减轻油腻感。 # 防晒我选它 # # 百万积分第六季 #