White Rabbit toffee, I have eaten it since I was a child, but the taste seems to be different from before. When I used to eat it when I was a child, it was very milky, fragrant and soft, but now I feel a little hard and the milky taste is normal. Maybe white rabbit The taste has not changed, but our current taste has changed. There are too many brands of toffee on the market now, and as many milky flavors as you want, there is no such thing as a candy with extra thick milk. At that time, the white rabbit was the thickest. I don't know if the taste has changed, but the packaging hasn't changed. Looking at the packaging can remind me of my childhood. # 童年回忆零食 #
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大白兔奶糖,小时候吃到现在,但是味道好像和以前不一样了.以前小时候吃的时候很有奶味很香很软,现在吃就觉得有点硬了,奶味也觉得普通. 或许大白兔味道是没有变过的,只是我们现在的口味变了. 现在市面上太多品牌的奶糖,要有多重奶味就有多重. 小时候哪有什么特浓奶的糖果啊. 当时大白兔算是最浓的了. 虽然味道不知道有没有变,但是包装还没有变. 看着包装也可以想回童年的时候. # 童年回忆零食 #