Usually, when I make hot pot at home, I don’t usually buy ready-made thin slices of meat (one is expensive, and the other is that there is no meat fragrance and no chewiness), but buy a whole piece of beef, cut it into slices or strips, dip it in water, sesame oil, After stirring the egg whites, make a spicy beef hot pot (recommended to be refrigerated for more than 3 hours). To prepare the spicy beef for the next day's hot pot competition, I couldn't help myself to fry a pot first hahahaha #无辣不欢 ##五行缺辣 #
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平时自己家做火锅的时候不太会买现成的薄肉片,(一是贵,二是没肉香没嚼劲),而是买整块牛肉,切成片或者条,用蘸水,麻油,蛋清搅拌后做成麻辣牛肉下火锅(推荐冰箱冷藏3h以上)。为了第二天火锅局准备麻辣牛肉结果没忍住自己先炒了一锅哈哈哈哈# 无辣不欢 ## 五行缺辣 #