The color of today's breakfast is a bit nice~ ⛅️ Recently I am obsessed with the combination of dragon fruit and kiwi 🥝~ These two breakfasts are juiced to drink and it tastes great! Half a red heart dragon fruit ➕ a kiwi fruit ➕ appropriate amount of water There is no need to add sugar at all, so the juice is sour and sweet! The combination of these two fruits can promote intestinal peristalsis and help 💩 The effect is really super good👌🏻Red meat dragon fruit is more effective than white meat! And the color is also super beautiful😍 Kiwi is rich in vitamin C and dragon fruit is anti-aging~ Occasionally drinking fresh fruit juice can still replenish body water! The fruit juice 🍹 is still my toast 🍞 hahaha 😄 Today's spread is 🌟Cheese Salted Egg Yolk Cream Sauce🌟Super Creamy~ I can't buy fresh salted egg yolk, I bought it with cooked salted egg yolk from the supermarket~ Do you have a friend who likes salted egg yolk 🤣 Be sure to try it! ! When the milk sauce was ready, I ate a lot of mouthfuls before filling the cup~ 🙈 🌟 Ingredients 🌟 Salt 🧂 1g Milk 🥛 250g 30g white sugar 15g low-gluten flour two egg yolks Three salted egg yolks Three slices of cheese 🌟 Practice 🌟 Step1. Crush the salted egg yolk and set aside for later use. Separate two egg yolks and put them in a bowl. Add 30g of white sugar and beat until the egg yolk becomes larger and slightly whiter. Then add 15g of low-gluten flour and stir until there are no particles. Step2. Pour the milk 🥛 into the milk pot and heat it on a low heat. At this time, you can add the crushed salted egg yolk and cheese slices, and heat it until the cheese slices melt and start to bubble. Turn off the heat first. Step3. Slowly pour the heated milk into the stirred egg yolk paste, and finally pour it back into the milk pot and cook it on a low heat until it thickens and immediately remove from the heat. Put it into a container, cover with a layer of plastic wrap and stick the milk sauce Avoid dry skinning. After cooling, put it in the refrigerator. # 燃烧卡路里大作战 # # 亚米食谱 # # 提升幸福感电器 # # 今天也是yami的一天 # # 亚米厨房 #
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今日份的早餐颜色有点好看~ ⛅️ 最近迷恋上火龙果和猕猴桃🥝的组合~ 这两天的早餐都是榨果汁来喝味道超级赞! 半颗红心火龙果➕一颗猕猴桃➕适量水 完全不需要另加糖这样榨汁酸酸甜甜很好喝! 这两种水果的组合可以促进肠道蠕动有助于💩 效果真的超级好👌🏻红肉火龙果比白肉更有效果哦!而且颜色也超好看的😍猕猴桃富含维C火龙果抗衰~ 偶尔喝一次鲜果的榨汁还是可以的补充身体水份! 配搭果汁🍹的还是我万年不变的吐司🍞哈哈哈😄 今天的抹酱是🌟芝士咸蛋黄奶酱🌟超级Creamy~ 我买不到新鲜咸蛋黄买是用超市现成的熟咸蛋黄~ 有喜欢咸蛋黄的朋友吗🤣一定要做起来试试!! 奶酱做好的时候还没装杯我就空口吃了好多口~ 🙈 🌟 食材 🌟 盐🧂 1g 牛奶🥛 250g 白砂糖 30g 低筋面粉 15g 鸡蛋黄 两颗 咸蛋黄 三颗 芝士片 三片 🌟 做法 🌟 Step1. 将咸蛋黄碾碎放置一旁备用,分离出两颗蛋黄放在碗里再加入30g白砂糖打发至蛋黄体积变大微微泛白,再加入低筋面粉15g搅拌至无颗粒状即可。 Step2. 牛奶🥛倒入奶锅里小火加热,这时候可以加入碾碎的咸蛋黄和芝士片,加热至芝士片融化旁边开始冒小泡先关火。 Step3. 加热好的牛奶慢慢的分次倒入搅拌好的蛋黄糊里,最后再倒回奶锅里小火煮至黏稠立马离火装进容器里,盖上一层保鲜膜贴着奶酱避免干燥结皮。冷却完毕后再放入冰箱冷藏。 # 燃烧卡路里大作战 # # 亚米食谱 # # 提升幸福感电器 # # 今天也是yami的一天 # # 亚米厨房 #