Although the yam slices are cucumber-flavored, they are unexpectedly delicious. I will buy them at the supermarket in the future. 5/5 Lazy hot pot is average, just the taste of those self-heating hot pot, very spicy and not much stuff 4/5 The noodles are normal, and the bean sprouts in the vegetable bag are sour. Personally don't like the taste of noodles 3/5 Hey, spicy and hot pot use the same vegetable bag. I put this vegetable bag in the oil of the self-heating pot that I just finished eating, so I don’t know what the original bag is. But the dried bean curd inside is still delicious 3/5 Sichuan Maocai is general, and it doesn't feel much different from the self-heating pot. 3/5 Overall only the yam tablet surprised me # 即食美味 # # 五行缺辣 #
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山药片虽然是黄瓜味的但出乎意料的好吃,以后去超市就盯着这个买。5/5 懒人火锅一般,就是那些个自热火锅的味道,很辣没多少东西4/5 拌面一般,蔬菜包里的豆芽是酸的。个人不喜欢面条的口感3/5 嗨辣呗和火锅用的是同一个蔬菜包吧,我把这个蔬菜包放到刚吃完的自热锅的油里了所以不知道原来给的料包咋样。但是里面给的豆干还挺好吃3/5 四川冒菜一般,感觉和自热锅没什么太大差别。3/5 总体来说只有那个山药片给了我惊喜# 即食美味 # # 五行缺辣 #