# 2020新年flag # Check in in March Today, I did a 10-minute leg exercise with Saturday Ye. One group can stretch the legs very well. Long-term adherence can improve the shape of the legs. This set feels pretty good after doing it. The whole leg is more relaxed after doing it. The aid she uses is a towel. If there is a sliding disc like mine at home🥏, you can use it at this time! In this set of sports, the whole set is used for this. However, it is not easy to slide on the carpet. It is easier to operate on the floor. The sliding disc is a good auxiliary tool for fitness. In fact, this thing is very common, it is two very slippery discs. The principle is to convert the downward gravity into the resistance of the front, back, left and right, so as to have the effect of exercise. March
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yami_featured_image # 2020新年flag # 3月打卡 今天跟着周六野做了一组10分钟腿部的运动. 一组做下来可以很好的拉伸到腿部.长期坚持可以改善腿型. 这套做下来感觉还是挺不错的.做完整个腿部都比较放松. 她用到的辅助工具是毛巾. 如果家里有我这种滑行盘🥏的话.这个时候就可以利用起来啦!这套运动里整套下来都有就是用到这个.不过在地毯上不好滑动.在地板上比较好操作. 滑行盘是健身的一个很好的辅助工具.其实这东西很普通,就是两个很滑的圆盘.原理就是把向下的重力,转变为向前后左右的阻力.从而起到锻炼的效果. 3月