Mame Daifuku

When I first saw the packaging, I thought it was Daifuku from Japan, but it turned out to be from Taiwan. It looked cheap, so I bought it and tried it out. As a result, I and I Husband rushed to eat, the whole package of Daifuku was gone in 3minutes 😂

Going to Yamibuy again even broke it for me! goods!

Why do you love it so much? The reason is simple

1. soft, andchewyNot too hard

2. Very moderate sweetness

3. In addition to red bean paste, there are also red beans, which is a big plus.

Stop talking, in order to take the picture above, I ate it again4 😛

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1. 口感軟軟的,而且chewy不太硬

2. 甜度非常適中

3. 除了豆沙,還有一顆顆的紅豆,簡直大加分啊啊啊