Sesame Sauce Fragrant Akuan Sesame Sauce Flavored Red Oil Noodles It turns out that the red oil noodles, in addition to the spicy taste, also have the taste of sesame sauce~ This Akuan Sesame Sauce Flavored Red Oil Noodle is a new product recently purchased from Yami. The net weight of a large packet is 460 grams, of which there are four small packets containing dough and three packets of seasoning, which are dehydrated vegetable packets, seasoning powder packets and sesame paste packets. In the production instructions, it is recommended to soak the noodles in hot water above 90 degrees for 5 to 6 minutes. I boiled the noodles directly with boiling water. After cooking for 5 minutes, I felt that the time was a little too long, which caused the noodles to soften slightly. It is estimated that the noodles were boiled for 3 minutes. Should be just fine. However, after mixing the seasoning, the dough is smooth and delicious, and the sesame sauce is very flavorful! Very recommended! In addition to this sesame sauce flavor, Yami Shang A Kuan Red Oil Noodles also has a hot and sour flavor, and I'm ready to try it! And the price of 4 packs is $5.99, which is large and affordable, delicious and convenient! # 2022双节快乐 #
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麻酱香浓 阿宽麻酱味红油面皮 原来红油面皮儿,除了麻辣味儿,还有麻酱味啊~ 这款阿宽麻酱味儿红油面皮儿是最近刚从亚米购入的新品。一大包净含量是460克,其中有四个小包每个小包里有面皮和有三包调料,分别为脱水蔬菜包,调料粉包和麻酱包。 制作说明上建议用90度以上的热水将面皮泡5至6分钟,我是用开水直接煮的面皮,煮了5分钟,感觉时间有些过长,导致面皮稍稍化了,估计水煮3分钟应该会刚刚好。不过,拌好调料后,面皮口感爽滑,又入味,麻酱香味非常浓郁!非常推荐! 亚米上阿宽红油面皮除了这款麻酱味,还有酸辣味,也准备尝试一下!而且4连包售价都是$5.99,量大实惠,美味方便! # 2022双节快乐 #