# 2022双节快乐 # The must-haves at home must be inseparable from instant noodles, which are convenient and fast, saving time and effort. When you don't know what to eat or don't bother to cook, instant noodles are really helpful. In addition to instant noodles such as soup noodles, dry mixed noodles and dry fried noodles are also good choices. I often buy this Indonesian Camp Duo Dry Fried Noodles from Yami. This Indonesian battered noodles has a small amount of bread, but the ingredients are sufficient. In addition to the seasoned powder and oil packets, the five ingredients include sauce packets, spicy seasoning packets and fried onion packets. . The practice is also very simple. After the water is boiled, cook the noodles for about 3 minutes and remove them. Add all the ingredients and mix well to eat. Because there are many kinds of buns, all of them are rich in taste, fresh and salty with sweet and spicy, all members of my family like it very much. The price of this Indonesian Camp Duogan Fried Noodles is $2.39 at Yami. There are 5 small packets in a large package, which is equivalent to only 48 cents per small package. It is too affordable~
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yami_featured_image # 2022双节快乐 # 家中必备物肯定离不开方便面,方便快捷,省时省力。再不知道吃什么,或者懒得花心思做菜的时候,方便面真是好帮手。 除了汤面类的方便面外,干拌面和干炒面也是不错的选择。我就时常从亚米购入这款印尼营多干炒面。 这款印尼营多拌面每包面饼的量较小,但是料包足,其中五个料包除了调味的粉包、油包外,还有酱料包、辣料包和炸洋葱丝包。做法也是非常简单,水开后将面饼煮3分钟左右捞出,将所以料包加入,拌均即可食用。因为料包种类很多,所有味道上也丰富,鲜咸中带着甜辣,我家的所有成员都很喜欢。 这款印尼营多干炒面在亚米的售价是$2.39,一大包里是5小包,相当于每小包才48美分,太实惠了~