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Assessor background: I am a middle-aged office worker who is lazy and delicious, and is occasionally keen to cook. Dare to openly eat snail noodles in the company. In my hometown of Sichuan, I love the dry and spicy Hunan cuisine and the spicyness of Sichuan. The Sriracha of Vietnamese noodles is not spicy at all with chili oil.

Prerequisite: Measuring cup, pinch meter, and cook strictly according to package directions.

As always, let’s start with the main points:

The top three in life:

1. The taste is first-class, top of the list: Haohuanlu - Fen tendon sucking soup, rich in ingredients, including day lily, fried bean curd soaked in soft beans, rich in flavor and great taste, not very thirsty after eating, feeling less MSG. The whole package of chili oil is not too spicy.

2. The second child, the substitute of Haohuanlu: Luobawang ordinary yellow packaging - The ingredients are still rich, and the flour is still of high quality and gluten. In fact, it feels like it's cooked and the Huanluo Bao has the same amount or more. The only thing is that the chili oil is not spicy at all, but it will cause stomach pain. It has a little more MSG flavor than Haohuanluo, and after an hour of eating, I will be a little thirsty.

3. Good soup, few ingredients: pick small noodles, Chongqing hot pot noodles. The noodles are wide and gluten, and the soup head returns to Sichuan in a second. There is no direct hot pot ingredients that are thick, so you can drink soup. Not salty. Boiled is better than soaked, soy beans are soft and fragrant. Be sure to add some vinegar yourself! ! ! Put less water.

A lifetime of black, resolutely resist:

1. Liu Quan Snail noodles: Whether it is brewed or boiled, it is full of artificial additives and monosodium glutamate. Too salty and not fragrant. The powder is so soft that it can't wait to turn into a puddle.

2. Old friend powder: I have never eaten it in China, so it cannot be authentic or not. But I really feel like I wasted the meat and tomatoes I added after eating it! It is salty and salty, and the ingredients are soft. The only good thing is that little day lily.

General, will not buy again

1. Good buddies Hot and sour powder: There is no bright spot, adding vinegar and red oil is better and stronger than this one

A. Happy Snail>> The boss of snail powder: explained above. The tip is that adding lettuce leaves is the best. Sweet potato leaves will also work.

B. The second child's dry money is also very good! Take it out and soak it in water one hour before the company's meal, and then microwave it for 5-8minutes. The noodles are as smooth and smooth as the boiled ones! Not spicy or salty. Leave a little water in for better mixing.  

C. Luobawang's spicy version feels more fragrant than normal and dry, but the tofu bubble is really hard. friend. So I will still repurchase, but the tofu bubbles are estimated to be cooked in advance.

D. Luozhuangyuan is still good, but the price is not as high as that of Luobawang, and it is not as spicy.  

F. Good buddy hot and sour noodles, not recommended. The clear soup is watery and tasteless. The taste of the powder is also average. Adding my favorite pea tips won't save it.  

C. Pick and pick small noodles Hot Pot Noodles: Return to Chuan Chuan’er stall in Sichuan Alley in one second. But if you think that it is heavier than the average person, you may be slightly disappointed, because after adding water, powder or vegetables, the heavy mouth will feel slightly lighter. At this time, a spoonful of Zhenjiang balsamic vinegar can go to heaven! I have a heavy mouth, so I think it's a bit bland, but because it's not salty, I can easily eat a bowl and a half. You can eat two bowls with vinegar! You will never be thirsty after eating!  

E. Finally, there is abalone noodles, which is very cost-effective! ! Don't be afraid of the smell of traditional Chinese medicine. In fact, after the noodles are cooked, the addition of vegetables is actually the taste of angelica chicken soup. The taste of angelica is lighter when you eat it than when you cook it. I think adding lettuce is best. For me, eating this is like drinking porridge for health. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha  

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1. 味道一级棒,榜首:好欢螺 - 粉筋道吸汤,配料丰富,有黄花菜,炸腐竹泡软豆香浓郁口感棒,吃完不怎么口渴,感觉味精较少。辣油一包全放也不怎么辣。

2. 老二,好欢螺的替身:螺霸王普通款黄包装 - 配料依然丰富,粉依然优质筋道。其实感觉煮好了跟好欢螺大包一个分量或者更多。唯一就是辣油全放不辣,但是会肚子痛。比好欢螺多了点味精味儿,吃完一个小时会有点儿渴。

3. 汤头好,配料少:挑挑小面,重庆火锅粉。粉宽筋道,汤头一秒回四川的错觉。没有直接火锅料来得厚重,所以可以喝汤。不咸。煮的比泡的好,黄豆泡软很香。一定要自己加点儿醋!!!少放点儿水。


1. 柳全 螺蛳粉: 无论是冲泡型还是泡煮型都是扑面而来的人工添加剂和味精味儿,巨咸又不香。粉软塌塌的恨不得直接化成一滩糊。

2. 老友粉:没在国内吃过,所以无法正不正宗。但是真的吃完感觉浪费老子加的菜肉和番茄啊!就是咸咸咸,配料软塌塌。唯一看好的就是那点儿黄花菜。


1. 好哥们儿 酸辣粉:没啥亮点,自己加醋加红油都比这个味道更好更浓厚

A. 好欢螺>> 螺蛳粉老大:上面解释过了。小贴士就是加莴笋叶是最好吃的。番薯叶也可以。

B. 老二的干捞款也挺好的!在公司开饭前一个小时拿开水泡上,再用微波炉叮5-8分钟就能吃了。面跟煮出来的一样筋道爽滑!不辣不咸。稍微留点儿水会更好拌匀。 

C. 螺霸王这个麻辣款感觉比普通款和干拌款香,但是那个豆腐泡真的是硬到没朋友。所以还是会回购,但是豆腐泡估计要提前煮。

D. 螺状元还是不错的,但是性价比没有螺霸王高,也没那么辣。 

F. 好哥们酸辣粉,不推荐。清汤寡水没味道。粉的口感也一般。加了最爱的豌豆尖都挽救不了。 

C. 挑挑小面 火锅粉:一秒回到四川巷巷里头的串串儿摊。但是你自认为比一般人重口的话可能会略失望,因为加了水和粉或者蔬菜以后,重口的人会觉得略清淡。这个时候来一勺镇江香醋,能上天!我很重口,所以觉得略淡,但是正因为不咸,可以轻松吃一碗半。加了醋可以吃两碗!吃完绝对不会口渴! 

E. 最后来个鲍鱼面,性价比非常高!!不要怕中药味儿,其实面煮好了加菜其实就是当归鸡汤味儿,当归味儿吃的时候比煮的时候闻着淡。我觉得加生菜最好。对于我来说吃这个就像喝粥养生。哈哈哈哈哈哈