[Fried Chicken Kitchen] Kuaishou fried chicken with colorful peppers, in fact, you can replace the colorful peppers with other vegetables such as cauliflower, edamame, and sour beans. It is very easy to make and well preserved. No matter what, eat well every day, health is the most important 😍 Cut chicken gizzards into small pieces. Small pieces are easy to cook and crispy, but in fact I like to eat larger pieces. Everyone can cut them according to their favorite size. Take cooking wine and ginger to marinate, then blanch in water. Slice ginger and garlic, and cut a small chili pan (I remembered that I didn’t change my glasses after picking the chili seeds, and then I just washed my hands and went to the room to remove the invisibility... I’ve never cried so miserably in a lovelorn 💀💀💀💀). Then add the chicken gizzards and fry for a while, add cooking wine, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, oyster sauce, a little sugar to enhance the flavor, and finally add colored peppers to cover the pot and simmer for a while. Taste and season with salt before serving. The taste is actually very natural. People who like to eat chicken offal should love it very much. I ate two meals of more than one pound of chicken offal 😋😋😋
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【炸鸡厨房】快手彩椒炒鸡杂,其实可以把彩椒换成别的蔬菜比如花菜,毛豆,酸豆角都可以做法很简单也很好保存。不管怎么样,每天都要好好吃饭哦,健康最重要😍 鸡胗切小块,小块容易熟而且吃着比较脆,但其实我自己喜欢吃大块一点,大家看着自己喜欢的大小切就好了。拿料酒和姜腌一下,之后焯一下水。 姜蒜切片,切一个小辣椒炝锅(我抠完辣椒籽想起来没换眼镜,然后我就随便洗了洗手去房间卸隐形…真是失恋都没哭这么惨过💀💀💀💀)。 之后放入鸡胗炒一会儿加入料酒,生抽,老抽,蚝油,一点点糖提味,最后加彩椒盖锅焖一下就差不多了。起锅前尝一下味道加点盐调味。 味道其实就很本色,喜欢吃鸡杂的人应该会很爱吃,我一磅多鸡杂两顿就给吃掉了😋😋😋