———— Sunfast ———— Annaisan is a sunscreen that was planted by @food queen before. I really use it and put it on ❤️! It's the most ❤️ sunscreen I've ever used! ❤️Ansun is a bit like a lotion, and it is very easy to absorb when applied. I think it is a bit like a face cream. One piece! ❤️No greasy, no oil at all! No sticky feeling either! ❤️Light fragrance, not irritating, not very strong! ❤️Whoever uses it loves it, wait for the price reduction to stock up on a few bottles of Ansun for your face this summer😄😄
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———— 安耐晒 ———— 安耐晒是之前被@吃货女王种草的一款防晒霜,真的是用了就❤️上它了!它是我近期用过最❤️的一款防晒霜! ❤️安耐晒有点是带乳液的感觉,涂起来非常的好吸收,我觉得跟面霜有点像,很好推开,很怕防晒霜碰到那种擦不均匀,脸这边白一块那边白一块的! ❤️完全不油腻,不出油!也不会有黏糊糊的感觉! ❤️淡淡的香味,不刺激,不会很浓! ❤️谁用谁爱它,坐等减价这个夏天要为脸部囤好几瓶安耐晒😄😄