The MoMo version of Taiwanese red oil fried hands spurned by Sichuan girls

Woke up one morning and wanted to eat stir-fried hands, but the day with sore throat couldn't be spicy. After thinking about it, you can make some wontons by yourself! The filling is Hong Kong-style pork and shrimp, and the stir-fried hand sauce is described by my Sichuan friends as a spicy sweet noodle sauce😰( Although I prepared the sauce very seriously) but this is the taste I ate when I was a child.

For meat stuffing, I usually go to the supermarket to buy barbecued pork and let the chef grind it into minced meat, so that the meat is cleaner and at least I know what meat I eat. Use larger shrimp🍤 to chop the sausage into large pieces, soak some pepper water, etc. into the filling, you can Remove the meaty taste of the pork, and let the filling puddle by the way. Add ginger, green onion, egg, soy sauce, salt (because there is soy sauce, there is no need for too much salt) cooking wine, pepper, onion powder. Start mixing, remember to stir in one direction as if you were mixing dumplings, and the meat will pucker.

Add the pepper water slowly in several portions, and stir after the water is completely mixed with the meat. Just like below.

Wonton skins are the ready-made, inertial square yellow skins in the supermarket.

Do not put too much material in the middle, otherwise it will not be easy to pack, especially for beginners. First fold the two sides into a rectangle. If it is not sticky, you can use some water on the sides, and then fold the bottom two sides in half to form an ingot shape. This wrapping method is one of the easiest methods I can handle.

I will pack more at a time, and if I can't finish it, I can freeze it.

Boil a pot of water and boiled wontons. Fresh fried wontons are easy to cook. After the water boils, go down, float and boil for another minute before you can pick them up.

Crush some peanuts in a blender🥜Ready

The sauce is mixed with pepper noodles, soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, red oil, sugar, and garlic, poured evenly on the frying hand, and then sprinkled with chopped mustard, shallots , with crushed peanuts🥜. A bowl of homemade Taiwanese red oil Chaoshou is now available! No matter how disgusted Chuan girl is, I will still do it. Just delicious😜

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肉餡我一般都是去超市買叉燒肉,讓師傅絞成絞肉,這樣肉比較乾淨,至少知道自己吃的是什麼肉。用大一點點的蝦仁🍤去泥腸剁大塊,泡點花椒水等等加入餡料裡,可以去豬肉的肉味,順便讓餡料起漿。加入薑蓉,蔥,雞蛋,醬油,鹽(因為有醬油了鹽不用太多)料酒,胡椒粉,onion powder。開始混合,記得要好像拌餃子一樣朝一個方向攪拌,這種肉才會起漿。