————— Popular items ————— The most popular item is sun-resistant. I think sunscreen is needed all year round. Don’t think that you don’t need it after summer. The ultraviolet rays of indoor lights are also very strong, so sunscreen is a must Indispensable! I have recommended Annaisan in the previous sun list, and I still strongly recommend it here ❤️ I have used so many sunscreens, but I have been repurchasing it. It does not produce oil at all. It is very easy to push on, and it will not make your complexion feel that dead white and dead white. Shake it before using it, it is sun-resistant. The texture is a bit like a liquid cream, not a very thick solid, in general I just love it, love it, love it ❤️ (important things to say three times 😄) I'm waiting for Yami's next event to stock up on a few more bottles, the only two bottles at home 😂
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————— 爆款单品 ————— 爆款单品之安耐晒,防晒霜我觉得是一年四季都需要用到的,千万别以为过了夏天就不需要了,在室内的灯光紫外线也是很强的,所以防晒霜是一定少不了的!安耐晒我在之前的晒单里面就推荐过,这里还是要强烈推荐它❤️ 用过那么多防晒,一直回购的还是它,完全不会出油,非常好推开,不会让你的肤色有那种死白死白的感觉,用之前摇一摇,安耐晒的质地带点是液体的面霜感觉,不是那种很稠的固体,总的来说我就是爱它,爱它,爱它❤️(重要事情说三遍😄) 在等亚米下次活动再给囤几瓶,家里唯一的两瓶了😂